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 Age Appropriate Entertainment 

 Nick At Night DJ Service 

  • What do your services include?
    We have all-inclusive, no hassle packages. We base our rates upon the hours of the actual performance, and we do not charge extra for setup time, travel distance, or travel time within our 16 county service area. Every show features a complete sound system, a stunning light display with mirror ball and multi colored rotating lights.
  • As a school, we are concerned about song lyrics. How can we be sure you won't play explicit lyrics at our school?"
    We get the majority of our music from members only professional DJ sources. They send us the same music that they send to radio stations across the country. They not only keep us updated with the newest hits as they are released, but these songs are the "radio edit versions". These radio edits have the suggestive overtones and explicit lyrics removed from the songs for on-air use. The FCC governs these radio stations to assure that they are playing only these radio edit versions. We have the same song versions, and it allows us to play the music students want to hear without offending anyone. We do our very best to deliver the music that the students want without the obscene words or themes that might offend parents and teachers.
  • Are you covered by liability and equipment insurance?
    Yes, we are covered by both liability and equipment insurance. Liability Insurance - We are fully covered by a $1,000,000 liability policy that protects ourselves and our clients against damages from unfortunate accidents and injury claims. Equipment Insurance - Our equipment is also fully covered against loss whether it's by theft, fire or natural causes at any venue. You just can't predict when trouble will arise and insurance becomes a necessity. Enjoy the peace of mind that only a fully insured entertainment company can offer you.
  • Can you send a background check and W9 TAX ID form to our district?
    YES! In fact, our president Nick Anderson has a background check AND W9 on file and we can send it to you if needed. Most schools require current background checks for all vendors. We are already setup as preferred vendors at most schools and venues, so the paperwork may already be ready to go!
  • In the past we have seen students twerk and freak dance. What do you do if this starts to happen at our event?
    We try to stay away from songs that we know will generate this response, but it usually depends upon the intentions of the students. If a certain group of students within a school event (it's usually around 5 people in a dance of hundreds) begin to act up, we will promptly pause the music and warn them to stop over the microphone. This quick warning is stern and swift, taking only about 5 seconds out of the party and does not disrupt the event.
  • We once had a DJ that didn't show up and all the students were left at the dance with a boom-box until their parents showed up. How can we be sure this won't happen with your services?
    We conduct our business with a signed agreement between the school and our DJ service. This is the industry standard and provides assurance that you will have a disc jockey for your school dance with written terms for price, party times, and DJ arrival time. Lower priced and un-professional DJs can sometimes take a higher priced job and leave you without a DJ on your big night. We have never missed a contracted event since our start in 1994. In the case of a traffic accident or other emergency that incapacitates us, we have a complete backup DJ system and extra DJs on staff. We also keep a close relationship with several entertainment companies in the area that can assist us in an emergency. We have even been able to save a few parties by being available when the original entertainer had an emergency, so keep our number close to the phone any time you have an event JUST IN CASE!
  • Sounds like you are the one we want. How can we reserve your services?
    You may contact us below to book your event online. You may also speak with us or text us at 888-468-6425. It is important to remember that you should reserve your booking as soon as possible because popular dates book fast. Most events are on Friday or Saturday, and there are only 52 Fridays and Saturdays each year. Most clients book at least a year in advance so don't delay, contact us today!
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