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Top Gun All Stars pictured above during practice before the first ever MAJORS in 2012. 



When the cheer planets align you have a success story like The MAJORS.  

In 2012 our longtime friends at The JAM Brands wanted to create an all-star cheerleading competition unlike any other.  Their idea was simple - place the world's top teams head-to-head and watch them battle it out in front of thousands with true concert-level production.

We've been working with The JAM Brands since 2008, so we accepted the challenge to provide audio and video support for this premier event. 

This invitation-only competition was scheduled to take place right before their signature event, JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Cheer Super Nationals was already one of the biggest cheerleading events in the world by number of teams, so it only made sense to place The MAJORS inside of Cheer Super Nationals.

As the competition grew in popularity, the production soon rivaled national concert tours.  The MAJORS became known to have the best production of any cheerleading competition in the world.  The MAJORS sells out months ahead on Ticketmaster as 7,000 people watch LIVE in Indianapolis and thousands more watch LIVE on Varsity TV worldwide. 

We've provided their sound and routine music playback since day one and coordinated the MAJORS Athlete Social, a banquet which takes place the night before The MAJORS.  We provide their audio and video for their Athlete Social. 

It's humbling to be a part of something that started small and grew to become so big, one of the most anticipated invitation-only events in all-star cheerleading! 

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